We are a team of fashion designers and professors specialized in teaching fashion design from all over the world, and we have cooperated with some universities in developing this work and introducing it to people, especially to the Arab world. 

To offer you a somewhat free education at a simple value and help you learn fashion design remotely and offer you written and explained lessons through 

Our website or our YouTube channel 

The first goal of this project is to provide free help 

The second goal is to provide assistance to brothers who cannot enroll in international universities 

The third goal is the lofty goal. All the money collected through donations and wages received by the employees of the Academy team is to provide aid to children, the poor and the afflicted brothers in the Arab world fleeing wars, hunger and poverty 

Also, we welcome anyone who wants to join our group in providing lessons on our website or through our YouTube channel 

We will be happy with that for sure 

To contact us, you can contact us through the website's communication platform, via e-mail, or the following phone numbers