Pattern Cutting Tutorials for beginners

Pattern Cutting Tutorials for beginners You may be wondering if this pattern cutting course for beginners is right for you? 

Have you drafted a very suitable basic block for yourself but don't know what to do with it? Or maybe you've reached the point in your sewing journey where you're ready to tackle the world of mysterious patterns Drafting? Then this is your class!

I want you to be able to transform your basic building blocks into something new and beautiful. You can easily learn to do this by focusing on mastering some key beginner pattern cutting techniques and mastering some beginner pattern cutting theory.

By the end of this course, you will know how to operate darts and convert them into other types of shapes. You can also confidently add extra volume to create frills and pleats. And you will be able to change the neckline armholes and sleeves on your block. We don't stop there although you can also make belts, cuff finishes and pockets.

When you complete this beginner pattern cutting course you will be able to sketch patterns for 52 different designs and design details. You will also have the confidence to go away and design your own clothing and make your own patterns what you have learned. Put it into practice here. That shirt you've always dreamed of creating? Now is the time to start!

Pattern Cutting for Beginners FAQ

Q: Do I need to know how to sew to take this course?

A: Yes, you need to feel confident in your basic sewing skills.

Q: Will I learn any menswear tailoring?

A: This course focuses on womenswear but techniques such as dart spins and diagonal spreads can also be used in menswear.

Q: Do I need my own basic building blocks to take this course?

A: No, I provide free half scale blocks as part of this course for you to practice.

Q: As part of this course will I learn to draw my own blocks?

A: No, the focus of this course is on what to do with the blocks after you buy or draft them

Q: Is there an expiration date after purchasing a course?

Answer: No! After purchasing you will have lifetime access.

Q: Where can I find download files for worksheets and blocks?

A: In each module introduction there is a Materials tab above the video. Here you can find downloadable files.

Q: Is there a payment plan option?

Answer: Yes! There will be a "Pay 3" option which I'm working with some vendors to offer it's coming soon. Email me to put me on the waiting list for a payment plan.


Pattern Cutting Books – My Top 5

Pattern cutting books are pretty much one of my favorite things in the world. I've spent a lot of time immersed in the sheer beauty of Tomoko Nakamichi's "pattern magic" and continue to be inspired by Helen Joseph-Armstrong's designs.

Here are my top 5 (and essential) pattern cutting books from learning the basics to exploring ideas.

1. Women's Metric Pattern Cut Winifred Aldrich Women's Metric Pattern Cut

by Winifred Aldrich

This is a great pattern cutting book to help you learn the basics.

Winifred Aldrich's book is so well respected in the industry that most paper cutters I know have this book tucked away on their desks!

You'll learn the basics from how to draft different blocks to creating a range of styles and modifications based on those blocks.

I highly recommend it as a staple on everyone's bookshelf. I often review this book to refresh my memory and the block drafting method I teach is based on Winifred Aldrichs.

For a more detailed review of this book check out my other blogs.

2. Clothing design and tailoring creative tailoring books

by Helen Joseph-Armstrong

I came across this book entirely by accident but now that I have it I realize how lost I would be without it!

In addition to understanding the basics we also show step-by-step how to create various styles and designs. There's also a great section on cut and stretch fabrics. It even touches the underwear briefly!

This pattern cutting book is perfect for those who have mastered the basics of pattern cutting and are keen to start experimenting and experimenting with different styles. I often find inspiration in the many styles illustrated in them!

3. Pattern Magic Creative Pattern Cut Book

By Tomoko Nakamichi

I'll start by saying that there's also Pattern Magic 2 and Pattern Magic 3 which are just as exciting as Pattern Magic 1!

These creative pattern cutting books are a bit collectible. Not only are they beautiful pattern cutting books but they are absolutely beautiful from start to finish!

Tomoko Nakamichi has managed to take styles that seem very complicated and break them down into very easy-to-follow steps.

Look forward to step-by-step illustrations and photos as well as gorgeous designs that challenge your skills and creativity.

4- Creative Pattern Cutting Book Draw the complete course

by Karolyn Kiisel

Draping directly to the stand is a completely different way of working than flat pattern cutting. Usually, people either love it or hate it but if you're one of those lovers this is a great book to get you started!

The book starts with the basics (including a brief introduction to history) and continues by stepping through "projects" with very clear photos and hints.

If you're thinking about dropping out this book is a must! I also highly recommend it to anyone who wants a comprehensive understanding of fabric types and how they react and relate to the body and 3D manipulation.

5. Pattern Cutting (Combination Skills) Creative Pattern Cutting Book

by Dennis Chunmun Lo

Dannick is the director of the prestigious London College of Fashion's creative tailoring course and it's on display in this book!

He first walks us through the basics of how to draft the different blocks and details then goes on to give you an in-depth look at the industry.

The basic principles are explained in a very clear and concise manner along with some important tips for new pattern cutters.

I would really recommend this book to any beginner who needs some guidance to complete the first steps of learning pattern cutting.

There you have favorite pattern cutting book! Happy reading!

If you have any favorites feel free to share, I love discovering new pattern cutting books and working methods!

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