Shingo Sato - Pattern Cutting Tutorials for beginners

Shingo Sato - Pattern Cutting Tutorials for beginners 

Shingo Sato - Pattern Cutting Tutorials for beginners

Short Course – Milano The Japanese artist, Mr. Shingo Sato, creator of the “TR Pattern Cutting” technique, in collaboration with Ferrari Fashion School will hold 3 courses of 2-3 days each (TR Cutting Beginners, TR Cutting Advanced and  Origami Workshop), at our School in Milan.

During the course he will show his innovative technique for 3D pattern-making, which is creative and inductive for prototyping patterns, halfway from the draping and the classical pattern-making.

The students will be taught how to create new 3D patterns directly working on the mannequin, starting from ready-to-use bases. “TR” stands for “Transformational Reconstruction”, showing the process that the garment goes through when being created.

Free Download Transformational reconstruction Shingo Sato PDF

  • Name: Transformational reconstruction Shingo Sato
  • Pages: 130 Pages 
  • Years : 2016 
  • File size: 13.79 MB 604 Downloads
  • Language: English

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