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Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab wiki Fashion | Pattern Academy was born on July 4, 1964, into a Maronite Catholic family in Beirut. Saab was the eldest of five children of a timber merchant in Dharma. He has been sewing since childhood and is a self-taught professional. 

Elie Saab wiki Fashion | Pattern Academy

He was only nine years old when he was attracted Go fashion. 

Out of love for his hobby, he cut out patterns from newspaper and looked in his mother's cupboard for extra shoelaces. His sister was his model at the time, and his family was amazed by the gown he made for her.

His brand is headquartered in his home country, with additional studios in Paris and Milan. Throughout his career, Sabo has been named after Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Mila Kunis and many more famous Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Watson, Aishwarya Rae Taylor Swift, Michelle Dockery, Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock. In addition to this, he has also dressed members of the royal family, 

including Princess Claire Victoria of Luxembourg: Crown Prince Reina Jordan of Sweden, Princess Madeleine of Sweden Stephanie: Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Marie-Chantal: Crown Princess of Greece Princess Beatrice of Liechtenstein Princess Margaretha Clotilde: Princess of Venice and Piedmont and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg .

Elie Saab started a fashion label in Beirut in 1982 at the age of 18 with 15 employees.

 At the time, he focused on designing couture for brides - using high-quality lace fabrics, crystal pearl threads and Intricate embroidery. 

He soon gained recognition in the neighborhood and eventually rose to prominence among high-society women who flaunted his designs.

In 1997 he became the first non-Italian designer and was included as a member of the Italian National Fashion Museum. In the same year, he presented his first clothing collection abroad in Rome.

 In 1998 he started the prêt-a-porter collection in Milan, which also hosted a fashion show Princess Stephanie of Monaco attends the retrospective in Monaco. A year later, Queen Rania of Jordan wore a diamond and emerald dress by Elie Saab for her enthronement ceremony.

In 2002, when Halle Berry won the Academy Award for Best Actress, his designs were worn at the Oscars and he became a worldwide celebrity. As a result, the designer was interviewed and thus appeared on at least five TV channels. Even at next year's Oscars, she's wearing a dress Designed by the same designer.

In 2003, Elie Saab was invited to join the Haute Couture Association. That same year, he presented his haute couture collection in Paris, the city that became his permanent fashion show.

In 2010, he dressed around 102 celebrities from around the world for major international events. Saab's designs are shelved around the world, including London, Paris and Beirut. He has 60 retail stores around the world and his works are sold in 22 countries.

In addition to designing clothes in 2011, Elie Saab launched his first fragrance, Le Parfum, in 15 countries.

Continuing his personal life involved Claudine, his wife and three children. Saab owns three properties in Lebanon, as well as in Switzerland and France.

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