Free Pattern Making Courses - Learn How to Pattern Making

Free Pattern Making Courses - Learn How to Pattern Making

What is Pattern and how to Making?

Pattern makers are skilled technicians who create templates that are used to mass-produce products such as clothing shoes furniture or plasticware Their job is to translate blueprints and design models into factory patterns using drafting software or freehand measurement techniques

Pattern making is a critical way to translate your designs from a single prototype into one (or many millions) of final products It's an important input into the manufacturing process for your designs

When you do the exercises in our lessons it's best to use the same tools and supplies that we are using This way you'll learn most effectively

To resolve a conflict it's important to understand both imperial and metric measurements You can learn more about this in our lesson on "How to Read a Ruler." Then you can use free downloadable charts and tables to help convert inches to centimeters and centimeters to inches

In order to make a pattern for a female body you will need to measure certain dimensions We'll teach you how in our next lesson

The next steps are to create a library of sketches A sketch is the foundation for all future designs You will learn how to draft a “Straight Sleeve Sloper” in our lesson which will introduce you to body measurements drafting terminology tools and techniques

What are the steps in pattern making?

There are many different steps in pattern making The first step is to come up with a design Once you have a design you need to create a sketch of the pattern Next you need to create a muslin mock-up of the pattern After that you can make any necessary adjustments to the muslin mock-up Finally you can create the final pattern

5 steps To create a simple pattern 

  1. gathering their material, 
  2. taking proper measurements, 
  3. adding styles and designs, 
  4. grading their design, 
  5. then draping it to result in the final garment.

How To Start Making Your Own Patterns

Pattern making can be a fun activity for anyone who likes to sew their own clothes but it can be daunting to start with if you've never learned about the pattern-making process before

This article is a beginner's guide to pattern making that will help sewing lovers understand the methods of pattern making and inspire them to start learning the skills for themselves!

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Is Pattern Making Hard?

For some people it will feel really hard to learn this skill It is a technical skill but anyone can learn it
  • You'll need to be comfortable with numbers 
  • either in your head or on paper using a calculator 
  • when making patterns This is because math is involved

What Are The Methods Of Pattern Making?

There are 10 ways to create your own patterns:

  1. Copy someone else's pattern
  2. Draw your own pattern 
  3. Use a template or drawing that you find online 
  4. Take inspiration from nature and create your own patterns using natural elements such as leaves flowers and trees 
  5. Follow a set recipe or routine to create a specific design or shape with your fabric scraps
  6. Pattern drafting with measurements
  7. Clone clothes from your closet by tracing them
  8. Deconstructing ready made clothes
  9. Developing a block or commercial sewing pattern can be a lot of work
  10. Draping on the stand

Pattern Cutting For Beginners - Online Course - Pattern Academy

Pattern Cutting For Beginners - Online Course - Pattern Academy

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